Chiropractor Felix Yesquen D.C.

AKA: "The Hockey Doc" specializes in Spinal Bio-mechanical Corrections and Scoliosis, sports injuries, extremity injuries & taping. His background as a personal trainer and massage therapist before chiropractic school has lead him to work with Junior Hockey Teams since 2006. He has worked with St. Louis Lightning, Illinois Frontenac (3rd Place National Champions) and currently the Paul VI High School, Potomac Patriots and George Mason University Hockey Team.

Dr. Yesquen's combination of his true passion for spinal biomechanics AND sports is what makes sports performance his area of expertise. The Hockey Doc has taken classes in sports perfoamance at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He is currenly working on completing his certification in Chiropractic BioPhysics(CBP). CBP has redefined Chiropractic and the treatment of scoliosis and all spinal misalignments.​

"Being involved in the Hockey community has completely opened my eyes to all levels of sports and sports injuries. We need to be checking the kids who are currently sustaining the injuries and get them back to 100%. Also the ability to get adults of all ages posture fixed by looking deeper into the spinal structures that are starting to fail them due to these types of injuries earlier in life is critical. Patients of all ages can get permanent/long term relief from the type of treatments we offer"​

Dr. Yesquen's ability to look at the body as one whole system and to show people that they do not have to live in pain and that Chriopractic is the solution is second to none.


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